Take years off your hands with Radiesse and IPL photorejuvenation. Hands start showing the signs of aging before the rest of the body. Sun exposure over the years can leave your hands looking older. Spots and brown patches from sun exposure and color changes from the darkness of your veins in your hands can actually make you appear older than you are. Radiesse is a dense dermal filler that offers immediate results by contouring and adding volume to the sunken skin between the tendons and veins in your hands.

RadiesseRadiesse is also used in the face at the mid-cheek, nasal labial folds, marionette and pre-jowl areas. It provides immediate volume, however patients see additional results at 6 weeks as the body builds collagen around the calcium-like particles. Radiesse provides long lasting correction with results lasting 12-18 months.

Radiesse treatments are often combined with IPL photorejuvenation, contact Coastal Dermatology in Camarillo, California now to schedule your consultation.