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Award Best Camarillo Dermatologist

Dr. Kaplan Voted #1 Dermatologist

Dr. Kaplan was voted the top dermatologist in Ventura County for 7 consecutive years by a reader’s poll in the Ventura County Reporter.

Patient Testimonials

In a patient overall satisfaction survey, Coastal Dermatology was given a 95.1% rating.
Read other patients’ experiences with Coastal Dermatology and various skin care procedures below!

  • “As the owner of a large insurance agency with two offices and several thousand customers, I am very customer focused and pay great attention to the manner in which other business treat their customers. You guys do an excellent job!”
  • “I have been coming to Coastal Dermatology since 2006. It is the best dermatology office I have ever been to, and I have been to many before. I found Dr. Kaplan and staff always warm, kind, and professional. (I) look forward to my appointments. I have referred many people to the office and they all agree it is the best!”
    -Kelly Watkins, Patient
  • “Great doctor, Dr. Kaplan!”
  • “Very professional service. I enjoy Dr. Kaplan. It is nice to know any skin cancer issues will be monitored and addressed two times per year. I learned things I did not know and I use the doctor’s advice.”
  • “Dr. Kaplan and staff were great!”
  • “I’m very satisfied with Dr. Kaplan.”
  • “A rare medical experience—I was in the exam room within 20 minutes of my appointment.”
  • “Great office and staff all the way around.”
  • “I always look forward to my visit at Dr. Kaplan’s (office).  Everyone is so nice & friendly–it’s like a mini-vacation”
    -Karin Weber, Patient

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  • What type of insurance do you accept?

    PPO, POS, Medicare, Major Medical Indemnity and Tricare for Life (retirees)

  • Are we accepting new patients?


  • Will the provider be able to treat all my problems in one visit?

    Our providers will try their best to address all your concerns. Sometimes you will need another appointment.

  • How can I obtain Medical records?

    Call our office to request a form or stop by. Please allow 1 week for us to get the records to you or the facility requested.

  • How can I get a renewal on my prescription?

    For best/fastest results have your pharmacy fax us a request.

  • How do I prepare for a laser hair removal appointment?

    The area to be treated should be shaved. Avoid waxing or bleaching for 6 weeks prior to the appointment. Read more information regarding laser hair removal.

  • Do you have other offices?


  • Do you offer gift certificates?


  • Do you bill for co-pays?

    We prefer to collect co-pays at the time of your visit.

  • Why do I have to update my paperwork and insurance every 6 months?

    We want to make sure we have your current address, phone numbers, medical history and insurance.

  • Why did I get a separate bill from Dr. David Barnette?

    Biopsy specimens are sent to a pathologist for further testing. These charges are billed to your insurance separately from our office.