Skin Hygiene

Skin Hygiene Tips

  1. Never touch your face unless your hands are clean. Bacteria on your hands “feeds” pimples.
  2. Don’t pick pimples! Pimples don’t scar, picking does.
  3. Always wash your face before bedtime no matter how sleepy you are. It is best to wash and apply medications or night creams one hour before bed to allow products to fully absorb.
  4. Change your pillowcase often.
  5. Be consistent with your regimen. Remember: it’s what we do or don’t do every day that has the biggest impact on our skin over time.
  6. Use the correct products. Over-the-counter products aren’t as effective as medical grade products such as Firm and Fade, SkinMedica, and Vivite, available only in doctors’ offices.
  7. Avoid strong alcohol based toners. They remove the essential, necessary oils in your skin causing an “over-production” of oil to make up for the difference.

Make-up Hygiene

  1. Purchase non-comedogenic make-up.
  2. Wear the least amount of make-up you can. All make-up can cause pimples.
  3. Never share cosmetic products.
  4. Clean make-up brushes and replace sponges regularly.
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